Subaru STi Blue
We have a few options for matching the blue Alcantara from the Subaru STi seats. Please keep in mind that it is extremely unlikely to ever get a 100% color match between a factory color and aftermarket suede, since the genuine material is already a few years old. Although we believe our Nogaro blue Alcantara is the same exact material that came in STi seats, they were still made at different times, meaning it is a 98-99% match. Also, we’ve noticed the JDM STi seats are a slightly different shade- about a 95% match to our Alcantara. If any quality competitor’s advertises “STi Blue Alcantara”, they are selling the same exact Alcantara blue that we have in stock, since it is the only STi blue option on the market. If you are very picky, please order samples!

Note: Once you install door panels or other interior products, any minor color difference will be virtually 100% unnoticeable since the colors are not right next to eachother.

Differences: Both the Ultrasuede blue and the Alcantara blue are very close to the STi blue. The Ultrasuede is less vibrant and is a softer shade of blue. It is also less expensive, but is a premium quality material. The Alcantara is a brighter shade than Ultrasuede, and the Alcantara is a very high quality material.


Above: Ultrasuede STi Blue Door Panels


Above: Ultrasuede fabric installed on ’98-01 Impreza coupe


Above: Alcantara pictured next to a USDM STi seat


Above: The Ultrasuede is pictured on the bottom, USDM seat is in the middle, and the Blue Alcantara is pictured in the top of the picture

photo (39)

Above: Unisuede, Ultrasuede (small swatch in middle), Alcantara

Sti seats blue dp

Above: Alcantara shown on the door panels, JDM STi seats.

2010-06-21 09.18.44

Above: Alcantara door panels shown with USDM STi seats