We strive to please all of our customers by providing fair and honest business policies.

Console Kit Return Policy: The following policy is for when a customer changes their mind about a product. If their is any defect in the product upon arrival, we will replace the item for you at no cost. Our return policy and restocking fee vary from product to product, since some products are very popular whereas some products are one of a kind items. Ford and Mercury console kits come with a 100% refund when returned in brand new condition. Please send an email to Sales@ZealousInteriors.com before returning any items.

Returning Popular Colors: For items in black genuine leather with red stitching, black suede with red stitching, and black or OEM gray carpets, we accepts returns with a 10% restocking fee when returned in brand new condition. Carpets may not have any additional cuts done by the buyer.

Returning Unpopular Colors: We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are unable to accept any returns on products that are not included in the “popular colors” above. In some situations, we may consider reselling the item for you and giving you the proceeds. We are sorry for the strict return policy, but we must protect ourselves in this “built to order” type business because we may accept a return and never sell that color combination again. We are a 2 person company and this policy may change as we grow.

Console Kit Warranty: All Zealous Interiors Ford & Mercury consoles kits come with a 5 year replacement leather warranty. This warranty promise will provide you with a new console kit for free. Shipping & handling cost is $6. To qualify, you must send a photo of the console to Sales@ZealousInteriors.com. Warranty’s only cover normal wear and tear, such as excessive color fading and leather cracking. This warranty does not cover incorrect installation, accidents, or tears. We can tell if the damage is from the sun or from normal wear and tear.

Zealous General Warranty: All other products come with a 2 year replacement warranty. This covers our stitching, excessive color fading, and normal wear and tear. We say excessive because all materials will fade eventually. It is your responsibility to keep them in good condition using either RayBlock UV spray, leather conditioner, and keeping the items out of the sun. When the items are covered under warranty, we will fix or replace the items for you at no cost. This does not include actual shipping and handling costs, which vary depending on weight and buyer location. Typically this cost is under $10.