Door Panel Inserts are one of the easiest ways to improve the look of your interior. Our reviews on this product are outstanding. This product includes pre-cut front & rear sections, glue, and instructions.

To Order: Select your “Vehicle Type” in the left area of this website to purchase. Currently, door panel inserts are only available for Subaru’s. If we do not have your product available, you may receive a discount for the new product application. Please fill out the “Requests” form for this discount.

Installation: Align the precut fabric and add our special, no-mess glue to the crevice in between the original fabric and door panel. Next, tuck the edge of the Zealous fabric into the crevice. The provided installation instructions are detailed with pictures. Our material is installed over the original fabric which is not noticeable, makes for an easier installation, and does not require new padding for your door panel. You can also purchase our kit and bring it to an upholsterer. It will still save you money because we use templates and this saves time on costly upholstery labor.

How it saves: Since our inserts come pre-cut to your vehicle’s door panel, you do not have to cut each individual piece yourself, which saves approximately 1-3 hours of tedious, cutting time if you were to do it yourself. The majority of fabric stores only sell material with a 1 yard minimum, which costs $30-100 a yard. When you purchase our kit, there is no need to drive to a store to purchase glue and fabric, and no chance that you can cut the material too small. Rest assured that when you purchase our product, you are installing the best quality materials on your vehicle. It is extremely rare for a fabric shop to carry the grade of suede that we sell. And purchasing genuine leather from a shop will end up costing you more.

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Customer Photos

2000 Subaru RS– Zealous Door Panels in JDM Gray (#22)

1999 Subaru RS- Zealous Door Panels in Marino STi Blue (#9)


2001 Subaru RS- Zealous Rear Door Panels in Marino STi Blue (#9) > Stock Subaru Door Panels (Right)


2000 Subaru RS- Zealous Door Panels- Custom Black Fabric (Request)