Zealous Interiors promises to satisfy our customers with great products and exceptional customer service. All of our interior parts are custom built for your vehicle and guaranteed to fit- we do not sell universal parts. All Zealous products must pass our strict, quality standards before being shipped to our valued customers.



Founded over 8 years ago on February 8, 2009 by Andrew Rianhard, Zealous Interiors has served over 8000 customers since its origins on a college campus. Andrew provided a great foundation for Zealous Interiors and personally trained the current owner, David Magpayo, to continue to provide high quality products to our customers. David has nearly a decade of experience in the Subaru Community. Our website design is completed by Alex W. of www.TechControlCenter.com, and graphic design is done by Travis Alford.


Our Feedback

Zealous Interiors has very positive feedback over the years and we strive to provide our customers with high quality products. We have sold to hundreds of Subaru customers by sponsoring RS25.com for the past 3.5 years.

Our Craftsmanship

All products made by Zealous Interiors are made in the USA. Our quality is absolutely top notch. We only use the highest quality materials in our products- Alcantara, Ultrasuede HP, and genuine leather. Do not make the mistake of using cheaper materials in your vehicle- they will wear faster, fade quicker, and cost you more money when you need to replace them sooner.