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The more Zealous products that you purchase, the larger your discount. You can hand-select an interior package from all of our available products and colors, and the same pricing program will apply. Every interior package is custom suited to your vehicle and guaranteed to fit. Our website can only handle one coupon at a time, so if you have more than one coupon, please contact us and we will correct the problem for you.


Popular Packages

1. Shift Boot + Emergency Brake Boot Package. Starting at just $75, this boot combination look great in black suede with red stitching.

2. Stage 4 Interior: Upgrade to a padded armrest, door panel inserts, shift boot, and E-Brake boot all at once. Black suede (#20) and Marino STi blue (#9) are our popular colors. Starting at just $174, you can have an entirely new, custom interior.



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Customer Photos


Stage 4: 2000 Subaru RS- Armrest, E-Brake, Shift Boot, Door Panels in Black Suede (#20)

mufasa-packages_450x360_2edc28b131f709ea080214f03dd8f300 (1)

Stage 3: 2000 Subaru RS- Shift Boot, E-Brake, Armrest in Black Suede (#20) / JDM Gray (#22)


Stage 3– 2000 Subaru RS: Shift Boot, E-Brake Boot, Door Panels in JDM Red Suede (#11)


Stage 2– 2005 Subaru Legacy GT: Shift Boot, E-Brake Boot in Carbon Fiber (#21)