Door Panel Inserts for Subaru Impreza (2002-2004)


Zealous door panel inserts greatly improve the look of your interior.

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Zealous door panel inserts greatly improve the look of your interior. We have sold well over 100 of these inserts with great reviews.

What’s Included: (4) Pre-cut inserts for front & rear doors. If you only want the front doors or just the rear doors individually, please send us an email.

Installation: Align the precut fabric and add glue to the crevice in between the old fabric and the door panel. Then tuck the edge of the fabric into the crevice.The installation takes approximately 30-75 minutes.

How it saves: Since our inserts come pre-cut, you do not have to custom cut each individual door panel, which saves approximately 1-3 hours of tedious, cutting time. The majority of fabric stores only offer fabric with a 1 yard minimum, which costs $30-100 a yard, along with $6 glue. Alcantara dealers require a minimum of 1 yard and costs $100 a yard. When you purchase our kit, there is no need to drive to the store, and no chance that you can cut the material too small. Rest assured that you are installing the best quality materials on your vehicle by choosing Zealous.

Disclaimer: This kit is designed for people that are installing the kit themselves. We have sold 100+ of these kits with great reviews- the template is dialed to have the exact amount of fabric you want and zero or very minimal trimming. Do not expect a shop to install it for you, most of them won’t. A shop wants to install door panels in a different fashion and they want uncut fabric to do door panels.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in