Zealous Interiors- Instructions for ACC 98-01 Impreza Carpet

The carpet installation will probably take 3 hours, but it could be more or less depending on experience.

What you need: 14mm & 12mm wrenches, Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, staple gun double stick tape (optional)

1. Remove the front seats. Each seat has 4 bolts that are 14mm. Place bolts in labeled bags if you would like to keep everything organized.

2. Remove the bottom part of your rear seat. This comes off with two 12mm bolts found below the seat.

3. Lift up your armrest console, remove the 2 bolts that you can see which hold the E-brake trim down. Lift up on the E-brake trim and disconnect the harness that it is attached to.

4. Unscrew and remove your shift knob. Lift up on the trim that the shift boot is attached to. It pops up and you can remove it.

5. In the middle of your center console compartment, there is 1 Phillips head screw, remove this.

6. Remove another Phillips head screw that is in between the shifter and the E-brake boot. Lastly, there is a screw right that is to the right/below the cigarette lighter. The trim that the console and shift boot are connected to can now be removed.

7. To remove the trim pieces that hold the edge of the carpet down, which sit below your door panels, remove the small tabs that hold the trim in place. You stick a flat head into these to pop them out. There is also a small rivot screw that is located at the front of the front door trim piece that must be removed before removing the actual trim.

8. There are trim pieces where your driver’s/passengers feet are, which need to be removed. Make sure you remove the B pillar trim where the front seat belts are, which pop out. I usually start at the top and work my way down.

9. You should now be able to remove the old carpet.

10. Our carpet has extra material, which can be installed under the rear seat bracket. Remove the rear seat bracket so that the carpet can fit under it.

11. If you are installing new carpet padding or sound deadening, install that now.

-If trimming is needed, I would suggest lining up the carpet and installing the seat belt screws before doing any major cutting.

12. To cut the bolt holes the best way I have found is to thread the screws lightly, install the carpet over the screws (making sure the carpet is aligned properly) and pushing down on the carpet to find where the head of the bolt is, and then cutting a hole in that spot. This is not necessary, but it may help to use something such as a red sharpie to mark the holes so that you can remove the carpet to make the holes. You can use an exacto knife and cut an X (can be done in car), or mark the holes and hit a socket on the hole spot with a hammer, which should create a circular hole. I would suggest trying both methods and seeing what you find easier.

13. This is optional, but you can transfer the clips from your old carpet onto your new carpet using a staple gun to attach the clips. Once the staple is through the plastic and carpet, make sure to bend down the ends of the staples. If your carpet pulls away from the trim, we suggest 3M double stick tape.

14. Some customers have noted that it was difficult to make the very front end of the drivers side of the carpet to lay flat where the pedals are. To solve this, a vertical relief cut down the dead pedal area should help this, but make sure that the cut is to the side of the trim so that you can not see this cut once the trim is installed. Place double stick tape in this area to hold the flap from moving to the right of the trim.

14. After the bolt holes are cut, you can reverse these steps and complete your installation.

Here is a small graph that marks the bolts for the Impreza floor pan (the ones numbered). The black marks are where we suggest putting Velcro when installing the sewn edition carpet.



IMG_2878_zpseb373707 photo (14)