Do you see a product you like, but we don’t have it available for your vehicle yet? If Zealous is interested in adding your product to our website, you will receive a discount on the new product if we can use your part to make a template. Please fill out the form below and we will respond quickly.

Request Form: Please send us an email to and we will give you the request form!

Examples of Custom Requests: Shift boots for rare cars, extra padding, custom stitched door panels, custom colors, etc.

Note: There is no guarantee that Zealous will be able to take on your custom, product request. However, we will do our absolute best to accomodate your needs. Since we are growing quickly as a company and do not have abundance of time, we can only take on a small amount of custom projects.

We don’t make a shift boot for your vehicle? Get it FREE! Here are the terms: You must have the original shift boot for your vehicle, and it must be in decent condition (no large rips). You will have to provide us with the old shift boot. We will then create an exact replica of your shift boot and send it back to you. You must provide us with high quality photos of the installation and the finished product. There is an additional charge for Alcantara. There is an additional charge for modifying templates for stripes, short shifters, etc. You must email the owner at in order to approve of this offer. For rare vehicles, other terms may apply, such as posting a review.