We currently have adjustable and winter hats in stock. These hats have Zealus on them since we recently changed our name from Zealus to Zealous (it was not a spelling mistake, we just like the pronunciation that way). We will have Zealous hats in stock soon. If you would like a color combination that we do not have available, please file a request here ; we can make these in additional colors.

Coming Soon: We have two Zealous T-Shirts that will be available soon. Please like our Facebook Page if you would like to be notifiied when these products become available.

To Order: Select “Other Products” in the left area of this website to purchase. If we do not have a product available that you would like to order, please fill out the “Requests” form.

Product Photos


Above: Knit in Forest Green (Left), Zealus Cap in Charcoal Gray / Mesh (Right)


Closeup Photo of our Zealus Cap in Charcoal Gray / Mesh (Right)